I am a moth currently stuck in my cocoon .  Have you ever felt the yearning to be someone more than who you are, or to do something different than what you are used to?

I have always envied others who seem to live in the moment without been burdened by what the future holds. Yet I feel incapable of moving or changing who I am. I have struggled for years to let go off dead weights and still I struggle with holding on to things best left in the past. To me letting go feels like a part of me is dying. I can literally feel my heart shattering into a thousand pieces.
Others seem to find it easy to let go and move on. When I ask the question, ‘how is it so easy for you to adapt so easily to change? I always get the same reply which is ‘you make up your mind and just go for it”. I have tried to do just that but still I find it impossible. Even when I try I still can’t master the act of not caring.

I have searched within for some answers and have come up empty. I don’t know maybe it’s the Virgo in me.