In recent times, the human race and our home has been threatened by various external forces. Some of which have been man made and others forces of nature.

Man Made Issues 

We as individuals have contributed to the slow deterioration of our environment with our carelessness and lack of regard for the earth.

Polluting the air with smoke, noise etc.

The soil with oil and other liquid spillages etc.

The water with dirt and chemical wastes as well as oil spillages etc.

The disadvantage of these are the effect and impact on our various ways of life. In certain instances it reduces the average life span of people. We all complain of the lack of clean or fresh air, good clean running water and peace and quiet in our society/community. Yet we do nothing to reduce the level of pollution we contribute to the atmosphere. I believe if we all act with the consideration of our beloved earth in mind, there would be a significant difference and improvement in the level of pollution.

It times to wake up, smell the coffee and do something to protect your world. It is our duty to do what is right by our land. Lets do our part, together united as one.

#keepourworldsafe, #protectourearth ❤️💕🙏🏾