All my life I have always had people to rely on from my parents to my sisters and even my friends. I never had the chance to stand on my own two feet or to even feel lonely. The fact that I am the last child also didn’t make matters any better. I was always excused from certain situations by my family members.

This was how it stayed all my teenage years and even into my early twenties. I was one of those happy go lucky people who had no care in the world and by all those indication it appeared that was how it was going to stay.

Suddenly in a blink of an eye my world was turned upside down and soon I was forced to fight my own battles. Just when several job opportunities came my way, I became severely/ gravely ill. Something that started off as a minor illness (which I at first ignored) soon became a bigger issue (which I was forced to address).

Soon I wasn’t able to walk without help or assistance. Although everyone sympathized with me, no one could feel what I felt and neither could any one take the pain away. I had to dig in within myself to find my inner strength and it was only then I realized how strong and capable I really am.

The illness lasted for over a year plus and within that time I had gone through many emotions from anger to bitterness to share hopelessness but one thing I learnt is be resilient and determined. It has been years but I still feel the after effect of the illness but through it all, I realized I had to toughen up, buckled down and take the bull by the horn.


Stay tune to part two of my battle with the pain from within.