Can you name an holiday destination which you didn’t want to come back from. It could be a place were you felt so much at peace or at home, almost like you finally found were you belonged.

It could be a place you had so much fun and adventure and where you felt or found your sense of purpose in life.

Have you found yourself stuck on a destination and unable to move forward. Like you literally fantasise about the beauty of it all in the day time and dreaming about it when night time falls.

I have been guilty of such thoughts and fantasises in the past and indulge in a few in the present. I find my mind drifting without a moment’s notice into the realm of my subconscious and firmly landing into a glorious destination.

I have never been to better destinations than the ones I travel to on a daily basis in my mind. This is because I can make it whatever I desire it to be. If I want to be in a tropical Island where no one else is present and the weather is breezy I can. I can also be wintry Canada on a boiling hot day.

Through this way I have visited a lot of places which have held valuable places in my heart. Through this avenue I have witnessed many paradises on earth.