Our leaders are disappointments, corruption and stealing are their motto. Fighting to get to a position of power in order to rob the country. Killing each other if the need arises with no remorse or guilt. They feel no shame, strotting around rubbing our faces in dirt of the country’s decay. No peace, no joy or happiness and yet they fight one another for the power of the country.

Our leaders don’t care if we starve as long as they are full. They don’t care if we bleed as long as they are protected. We are mere pawns in their ruthless games, easily replaceable when broken.

Our leaders should be held more accountable by the public. They shouldn’t be able to hide under immunity whilst they destroy lives. Our leaders should serve and protect those who put them in the various positions.

Yet our leaders don’t lead us right. They don’t protect the poor or helpless. They make empty promises to keep us silent, while they rob us blind.