A sting of baba’s cane across my buttocks reminds me of the present situation. I fling myself onto the floor and began roll across the hut screaming and hollers in pain. Aisha you had better get up from the floor, ‘you this naughty girl’ Baba says in a voice filled with anger and a hint of humour. I guess I make a scene rolling on the floor from one end to the other and at the same time trying to rub the sides the cane had hit.

Amina has stopped crying from her share of the ‘goodies’ and I am now laughing soooo hard holding onto my bruised sides. For a second I forget my pain and the venom of the cane and laugh at the situation, while Amina danced around almost as if she was possessed.

Baba and Mama look from one to the other and back to the other in shocked silence. Finally Mama seems to have found her voice ‘I think these children are drunk, imagine how they are acting’ she says in a voice filled with wonder. Baba does not seem to share her view, as he draws me closer to him with one hand and uses the cane on my bottom with the other hand. The wasp of the cane on my bottom brings me out of my laughter and into instant pain.

Finally we escape from the venomous wasp of the cane. I immediately use both hands to gently massage my aching bottom, hoping that would ease the pain. However that makes no difference as the pain is unbearable, it feels like being given a hundred injections at the same time and then having the battered bottom placed in the freezer after such an assault.


To be continued………..