Hello Y’all,

So I have been thinking of trying new ideas and going out of my comfort area and I have decided to go vegan for a week. This is a huge step for someone who loves eating meat, poultry, seafood and other animal products . I don’t think you understand, I can’t go a day without eating one of those mentioned.

Even as I speak I have just finished a zinger box meal from KFC which I enjoyed whole heartedly. It was however as I was eating my chicken relishing the taste in my mouth with my eyes closed that I made the decision to go vegan for a week.

It is more of a challenge to myself and my dependency to animal products. However in order to succeed or at least have a fighting chance, I have decided to wait till next week. This would give me time to slowly reduce my consumption of animal products systematically.

I have read about the ‘internal peace’ some say you feel when you go vegan and would be detailing my day to day experience for the whole of the week.

In the mean time, I would also be keeping a tiny diary of the things I eat from now till the beginning of next week.

I am very excited