Two battered bodies lay on the floor with blood oozing out of their bodies like water from a tap. It was only on closer inspection that it became apparent that one of the bodies seemed to have on a dress or a gown, which had been ripped to pieces and only hung on by few stitches. While the second body had on only a pair of ripped trouser. The body that had on a dress been much smaller in frame to the other but both had been badly brutalized. Their faces disfigured no doubt from the numerous beatings inflicted by the unruly mobs.

The larger frame had a big wound on the head, from the injury one could see a little bit of what seemed to be his skull, showing the severity of the injury. Both his hands were on either side and both bore the mark of pain and affliction. His left hand laid at an unnatural angle which was unusual and equally impossible, with the back of the fingers touching the wrist. The right hand was slightly better but it also was swollen.  The smaller frame held on to her right lap, from which blood streamed unhindered.

The sharp sting of a wire on her back caused her to momentarily let go of her lap as she cried out in pain. It was only then that the full extent of her anguish could be seen. Words can not express the picture her lap looked except a mixture of mangled flesh and meshed tendons and bone. It looked like someone had taken meat grinder to her lap and had made fresh minced meat with her lap. Added were the swamps of flies that settled on the grotesque picture, feasting and festering. The smaller frame made an attempt to drive the flies away. However due to her weak state she only managed to lift her hand half way before it fell back unto her lap.
TO BE CONTINUED………………………………….