Sadly the much anticipated Easter holiday is over and I am guttered. I remember been so excited during work on Thursday, I practically couldn’t sit still. It was almost the same feeling I felt on Friday but it was even more heightened because this particular weekend was longer. Anyone who knew me would have been shocked to see how excited I was on Thursday compared to my earlier attitude towards Thursday.

It was The Easter holiday and I didn’t care, I was ecstatic. I had a whole list of things planned to do, for one I was going to sleep in till late every morning, then I was going to have all my favorite dishes most especially the Frejon, Finally I was going to either chill with the family or go out and have fun.
Well let’s just say, I ended up doing only a few of the things planned for Easter. I never really managed to sleep in till late (much to my dismay), I only ate a few of my favorite meals (trust and believe I ate our traditional Good Friday meal Frejon). I had plenty of Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and also managed to drink a good volume of champagne on two occasions. I was however able to chill with my family and even managed to attend some events including a wedding, where I was able to dance the night away.
I remember waking up on Easter Monday and been sad because the holiday was officially over. I moaned and whined to my sister, who told me to enjoy the rest of the day. As much as I tried to get back into the holiday spirit, I knew it had officially gone. I was back to my normal self.
The alarm clock ringing today caused me to jump so high, I hit my head on the side of my bed. What a great start to a new week. So as I sit on my desk, awaiting the weeks workload, I can’t help but to reminisce on the shortness of the Easter Holiday.
The only comfort is that there is another holiday on the first of May and I look forward to enjoying every bit of it.