One of the dilemma of being single is not having a date to go to events with, for instance your cousin’s wedding round the corner or an evening ball you were invited to attend. Regardless of how comfortable you are been single during those times (to say a few) you are bound to miss the presence of a partner. Someone who has your back and who is willing to follow you anywhere. Someone who compliments you and makes sure you are never lonely or by yourself at these events. He/she is there as your constant cheerleader, supportive and quick to step in when needed.
Yes, you might have the options of friends or acquaintances as your date but they would not be available every time you need them. This is simply because they also have a life outside of you. They are not bound to follow you, they choose to follow you and that is one of the differences between having a partner and not having a partner. It is much harder to convince a friend than it is to convince even a reluctant partner. This is because as long as you are in a committed relationship, your partner would more emotionally attached than your friend.
Don’t get me wrong, friends are also important, they are there as shoulders to cry on, in cases of heartbreak, tragedy etc. Most friends are there unconditionally regardless of whether or not they are getting anything from you (not all friends though). However, always been there doesn’t necessarily mean been present physically, it could be in mind or in thoughts which is not precisely what you might require. This is because they have a life (as I said earlier) outside of you.
The simple fact is that your friend has his/she’s life, most likely have partners (families), jobs and other engagement they also have to cater to. So think of it like this, he/she has to give their partner/family/job/other engagement the required time, effort and attention. Spending time with their significant order, making sure the relationship is stable, which is very important in any relationship. This means a friend would have less time to spend with you.
Bonding with their kids to provide good foundation for the children during family time, or that busy job that takes all their time and energy, would also mean less time to hang out with you.
They would try their best to be there but please understand that their best might not be good enough.
We have come to the end of part 1, stay tuned for part 2 when we talk about the differences between a significant order and a booty call.