Just had a yikes experience and I must tell you I was truly freaked out.

The weirdest thing just happened to me. I had my earphones and was listening to music. I always listen to music when I either want to get into the ‘zone’, it helps with making my thoughts flow easily and drums out distractions (I think of multiple things at the same time), which tends to leave me mentally exhausted (typical virgo traits).

So here I was listening to songs while relaxing when suddenly I hear a noise (like a child screeching) and I almost jumped out of my skin. I instantly removed my earphones, flew of the chair and ran to the door, ready to bolt if the situation entails it.

I hear nothing, everything is a silent as a graveyard, so I just think it might have been a figment of my imagination (at least I hoped it was), so I went back to my sit. I placed my earphones back on and pressed place. I was sudden seduced by the beautiful voices of artist. When I heard the same noise again, I repeated my previous action and yet I heard nothing.

I went back to my sit, I suspected it either a trick being played on me or I was beginning to hallucinate. Then for the third time, I sat down but this time, I only placed on ear of my earphone in, determined to find out where the strange noise was coming from. Again I heard the same noise but this time around, I heard it only in one ear, which is the one with the earphones on).

I had listened to that song a million times and had never heard those noises before. It was not too loud (which means it could easily be missed if close attention was not paid) and maybe the reason I heard it was because I was listening closely. I must admit it scared me to bits and had me thinking I was hearing imaginary noises.