The child bride never would have the chance to do all those things that we take for granted. Those things we thought of as a part of life are all very foreign to her. She would not get the opportunity to play with her friends like a normal child because she has been forced to grow up too early and too quickly. She would not have the opportunity to go to school because she has a home to cater to. She would never know what it feels like to be her own individual person because every decision has been made for her. Her tiny shoulders would have to bear the load of many responsibilities which would leave her in turmoil and pain. Her life might be caught short prematurely because of the burden she carries.

But who does anything about it, we all sit silently and watch the abuse of innocent children all in the name of good neighbourliness or minding our business. Whose business is the child bride? It is all our business to help and fight for these defenceless victims.