I was recently babysitting my nephew when I heard a noise that seemed to be coming from upstairs. The noise seemed to be getting louder and was very persist and I just couldn’t understand where it was coming from. Trying to hear where the noise was coming from, I reduced the TV and still I heard the same noise. I remembered that it was only my nephew and I in the whole house and if there was any intruder (human or animal) we were outnumbered so I stood up suddenly. I walked over to my nephew who was watching my every move curiously and snatched him up.

‘Aunty bee, whas are juu dwing? (Aunty Bee, what are you doing?), he asked confused as to what I was doing or where we were going to. He probably thought something was wrong with his Aunty bee. I looked into his eyes and said, ‘shhhh, we are going to play hide and seek outside’, I hoped he wouldn’t ask any more questions but I already knew that was impossible.

‘Why, carzon sill onn’ (why, cartoon still on) he replied as he struggled to get down from my arms. Just then the noise seemed to have increased or was getting closer, and this time even Jay heard the noise. He was about to say something else but once he heard the noise, he paused and asked where it was coming from. When I told him it sounded like it was coming from upstairs, he demanded to be put down so he could get his sword (which was plastic by the ways) and go and fight tha monsta (the monster) upstairs.

I would have laughed but the situation called for me to move faster, so I carried him outside despite his request to be put down. Once we were safe outside the house I put him down and he accused me of not letting him go and fight the monster. I asked if he was big enough to go after whatever was upstairs, to which he replied, ‘yesss, I haf pawers, I prozeck juu (yes, I have power, I protect you) showing me his tiny hands. I was in the middle of a full blown laughter when the cook Victor arrived back from the market.

I filled him in on what was going on and watched as he entered into the house to investigate. Jay had wanted to go into the house with him but I refused to let him go (I didn’t want him to be any sort of distraction to Victor, just in case there was a real threat). After about ten minutes of being inside the house, he came back out and informed me that there was nobody in the house. It turned out that the noise from the next house, doing some renovations. As soon as we entered into the house, Jay charged upstairs with his sword and a determined look on his face.

He appeared a few seconds later, saying no ‘monsta upsairs, Aunty bee’ (no monster upstairs, Aunty Bee) with disappointment written on his face. It was the cutest face ever and I couldn’t help but admire how brave he was even though he obviously had no idea how dangerous the situation is. I just stared lovingly at my brave little boy.