Quietness and peace in the air brings a sense of order and warmth into the minds of the residents. The streets are adorned with big giant trees and the only sound heard is the chirping of birds in the trees. The lights from the street lamp flickers off and on as if engaged in a game of cat and mouse. Everything seems peaceful and quiet, just another ordinary evening. Suddenly a sound emerges from the stillness of the night, a shriek like scream which is followed by a bunch of loud uncoordinated voices talking all at once. Something about the scream moves the soul and pierces the heart.

Fear grips the mind like a tight vice, squeezing and unwilling to ease up. A move in the direction of the noise leads to a large gathering of people in the middle of the streets. Both small and large, big and small, round and skinny, light and dark stood together. Smartly dressed men in their suits stood rubbing shoulders with hawkers and conductors in their shabby trousers and shirts.

Women with children and those with goods on their head also looked anxiously in the same direction. None seemed to care what status or education the person who stood beside them had. It was indeed a multitude of people staring into the same direction where the strangled voice was coming from. At first it sounded like a wounded animal but the closer one got, it became clear that the sounds were indeed coming from human beings lying on the floor.

To be continued………………….