In a world full of hate, bloodshed, war and sorrow, it always warms my heart when I see example of selflessness and consideration shown by kids. I remember an article I read recently about a boy (he was white) who told his mum he wanted to have his hair cut in the same way as his best friend (who was black) so that they would look like twins and their teacher wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. Obviously that was impossible judging by the significant difference in the skin colour but it was a phrase that brought both tears to my eyes and a smile onto my face.

Here was this little boy, teaching us adults what we should know about looking past the skin colour of the next person. We spend so long focusing on what makes us different that we miss those important things that make us similar as human beings. That little boy saw his best friend; he didn’t see his colour or the difference in both their appearances. Kids are indeed the smartest and it is their innocence to situations and things that keeps them generally in a state of happiness and joy.