Its another Monday and all the excitement of Friday and the weekend has fizzled away. In fact it feels like the weekend was decades ago, you are already tired and the day hasn’t even started. The excitement and the high of the last couple of days long forgotten as you roll out of bed in the morning. In an automated mode, you get ready for the day wishing nothing more than to just have a few more hours of sleep.

The look on the people you meet on your way to work mirrors your thoughts. Everyone seems to be deep in thought, wearing a long look on their faces no one smiling or even pretending to be polite. Entering into your office building a feeling envelops you. This feeling is much different from the feeling of happiness and relief you felt on Friday, you are overwhelmed by sadness and/or dread. You remember the projects that were given to you on Friday which you put off till today because you wanted to enjoy the weekend.

You walk slowly to your sit and make the discovery that more paper has been added to your desk. You find a note attached on top of the stack from your boss, demanding a report by 12noon and you haven’t even started that particular work. You bury your head inside the work as you sip on a mug which contains coffee to stop you from feeling sleepy. You finish the work five minutes to 12 and rush off to your boss’s office to hand in the report. Relieved and happy you turn to leave when you hear, ‘take this new brief from a new client, research on the client and right me a comprehensive report. The report must be on my desk by today 5pm’.

Defeated you walk to your boss’s desk, take the brief and with a forced smile and through gritted teeth assure that the work would be done before 5pm. As you leave your boss’s office you wonder where to get the strength from to do the work but have no choice but to find it. Four cups of coffee later and with a banging headache you finish the work and by this time you are praying for your time to close.