For a very long time, ever since my nephew could walk (he just turned 4 in March), he would always want to go out with you. As soon as you start wearing your shoes he also would wobble to get his. It didn’t matter if you were visiting or if he was visiting, it was always a battle.
At first we started by having him distracted while we snuck out the door. This worked until he caught onto the game and refused ‘to go and watch and get the car key upstairs’ anymore. Then we started telling him we were going to the salon and boys are not allowed in there. At times he would insist so to get out of it, we would tell him, he was going to get a haircut which he hated. Not wanting to visit the barbershop, he would let us leave without another tantrum.
However recently we noticed that each time we came back, he would look at our hair and say ‘Aunty Bee, bus you di do ya hair’ (Aunty Bee, but you didn’t do your hair). We knew the gig was up and he had gotten wiser to that excuse, so we cracked our brain on what next to tell him.
We tried the ‘office excuse’ but he insisted to follow us to the office and every time we came back he would state that we didn’t go to the office.
Defeated and without any excuse we have resorted to bribing him. Every time we proceed to the door, we would ask him what he wants from the shops and with a promise to buy them, he would happily watch us leave without a fuss.
P.S- If you want to use this style please ensure to always come back in with some sweets, candy or toys for them or they would let you go out so easily next time.