One Saturday morning, a man and his wife are in their sitting room watching tv when the man turns to his wife.

Man- honey, we need to talk, I have to tell you something.
Wife- turns towards him and patiently waits for him to continue*
Man- I want you to promise not to get to upset with what I am about to tell you. It wasn’t on purpose.
Wife- I promise just tell me what it is.
Man- Remember the last time I went out with the boys and came back at 4am drunk and disheveled.
Wife- Yes I remember, you could hardly walk on your own and your clothes were rumpled. I asked you about it the next morning. You told me you couldn’t remember what had happened.
Man- I lied, I saw an ex-girlfriend of mine at the club, we decided to catch up and have a few drinks and before I new it I was caught up. I was in a strange room without my clothes on, I stumbled out of the house as fast as I could *he looks at his wife with pleading eyes*.
Wife-*interrupts him* Is that all you had me worried for a second. I honestly thought you were about to say you were dying on something.
Man- So you are not mad, *he suspiciously looks at her*
Wife- No I am not mad, I am happy you told me because I have a confession of mine to make.
Man-Okay, I am listening
Wife- For the past three years, I have been cheating on you with your best friend. We love each other and want to be together but the only reason I stayed in the marriage was because I had no valid reason to leave the marriage. If I had filed for divorce without a reason, I wouldn’t have gotten much but now that I have proof of your infidelity. *shows him a record player she kept under the table*. I would finally be free of you and be able to leave this hell called marriage.
Man- *Looks at the woman with a shocked expression* do you really mean all you are saying? I don’t believe you.
Wife- I am hundred percent certain, I am done and this marriage is dead. *she says with all seriousness*. Do you remember the day you came back and you found a boxer on the floor and I told you it was yours, it was really your best friend’s. I bought both of you the same type on one of my shopping trips.
Man- Well yesterday when searching for my glasses, I stumbled on your tape recorder, thinking it was placed there to spy on us, I disabled it but left it in its place.
Wife- *becomes so pale and shell shocked*
Man- Anyways, before you interrupted me, I was just about to tell you it was a prank. I was with my friends and ended up in a hotel room because I didn’t want to drive back drunk. By the ways, I kept the boxers because I knew it wasn’t mine, I wore mine that day.
Wife- *she laughs nervously* It was just a joke.
Man- What kind of joke would go on for months and how did you get the semen on the boxers
Wife- *she thinks for a minute with nothing more shouts* April fooooollll