One weekend I was with my nephew who recently turned four and his mum when she pretended to have ‘stolen’ his nose. Then she acted like she had put it in her mouth and had swallowed it. At first he stated that his nose was on his face but his mum insisted that she had eaten it. His smile turned to a frown as he came to ask me if his nose was indeed missing (while feeling on his nose). I told him I couldn’t see his nose, trying desperately not to burst out laughing.

He became upset about it and ran to his nanny who sat a bit further away (but she had witnessed the interaction). He asked her the same question and she also replied in the negative, pretending to look for it on his face. At this point he became hysterical and marched over to his mom, demanding for her to give him back his nose, ‘mama gip me bacc my nos’ he stated in a serious tone. We were all dying from laughter at the serious look on his face (I wish I took a picture of his face). I wondered why he believed us when he could clearly feel his nose on his face. Eventually his mum put his imaginary nose back on his face. This made him happy as he danced around the sitting room.