How many people appreciate the day before Friday? Do you look forward to Thursday or wish it away quickly, anxiously awaiting Friday and the weekend. When people tell you ‘happy Thursday’ what is your response towards them. Do you smile and say it back to them enthusiastically or do you just mumble a weak reply. It is always good to remember that you get back what you put out, if you put out positive energy you get positive energy and if you put out negative energy you get negative energy.

Most of us are guilty of neglecting Thursday like an unwanted step child and focusing all our attention and love on ‘the golden child’ Friday. From the moment we wake up on Thursday, we began counting down the hours till its Friday. The phrase, ‘one more day till it’s the weekend’ is what describes our thoughts and feelings towards Thursday.

I have always been a weekend person. The weekend is my time to relax, to watch the re-runs of my favourite programmes, catch up on m sleep, go on a binge eating session or being out with friends. As the weekend comes to an end, I literally start dreaming about the next weekend as I lay in bed.

On Monday I drag myself to work, having to re-adjust to the after effect of the nice but short weekend. Tuesday, I get into the swing of things and am more energized and focused at work. Wednesday, it is the middle of the week, I am happy and definitely looking forward to the weekend. By Thursday, I am over the week and in desperate need for Friday to come around speedily. The hours seem to go on longer than other days and by the end of the day I am usually frustrated. Friday, is the day am at my happiest because it is just a few more hours of work till the weekend. Saturday, I am deep in the weekend zone, relaxing, having fun and spending time with family and friends. Sunday, after church service, I spend the last day of the weekend mostly indoors, watching TV and recapping on the events and activities of the past week.

This was my normal routine (although it was not static and was subject to change), until I thought to myself, why is Thursday not a fun day for me? Yes I am aware of the fact that by Thursday, I am exhausted but why can’t I just roll with whatever the day brings? This is because no amount of whining or tantrums can stop Thursday from coming before Friday. From that second I decided to make the most out of Thursday. I stopped seeing it as a barrier between the long needed and awaited weekend.

At times I find myself struggling and sometimes I find myself falling back into my old ways and habits. However, almost immediately I am able to shake it off by reminding myself of the usefulness and benefit of the day before Friday.