What does positive energy mean to you? How easy is it for you to get positive energy? Are you able to retain positive energy in the face of adversity or would you crumble under the pressures of life?

I was listening to the radio on my way home from work this evening and the presenters asked  the listeners a question, ‘how do you keep smiling in bad or hard situations? The answers were very diverse ranging from doing nothing (wallowing in the sea of helplessness and self-pity) to taking the bull by the horn (if there is a problem then there must be a solution) Out of all the many calls taken, three callers stood out to me and informed the reason for this post.

The first caller said she listens to gospel music and prays, which helps set the pace for the rest of the day. In her words ‘it makes her feel alive and keeps her in a very happy place’. She immediately feels there is no issue without a solution. The songs and the prayer serve as a source of meditation; sort of like calm in the storm, a sense of belonging far greater than you could ever belief. This method is employed by an individual seeking help by using a spiritual route.

The second caller said he drinks and smokes weed (cannabis) to forget traumatic or sad circumstances. He admitted that it was a short term relief but that he likes the feeling of forgetfulness he gets from drinking and the weed gets him into a constant state of high almost like an outer body experience. The radio presenter reminded him of the health hazards of consuming large amounts of alcohol (alcohol poisoning) and smoking too much weed (hallucination and paranoia). He replied that being in a good zone and being able to drown out any sorrow and depression made the risk worth it at times. This method is undergone by a person who just wants to forget his troubles by any means possible including the use of substance, this help to put him at ease.

The third caller stated that when she feels stressed out, she stands in front of the mirror and either speaks to her reflection or just cries and lets it all out. She said she feels much better once she does this, almost like a heavy burden has been lifted from her. This method is called ‘self-help’ or ‘self-help therapy’. It can be used as a way of examining and reflecting on ones decisions or choices in the past or simply as a way of building self confidence. It would shock you the impact a simply phrase such as, ‘you are great or you are important’ can have on a person’s day. It would have you walking around with your head held up high.

The three callers above represent three groups of people. The first caller represents Christians and other Religious people (encompassing every other religion). The second caller represents people who use different substances to forget their troubles such as addicts etc. Lastly the third caller represents people who search themselves and are convinced the answer lies within.

These three callers do not represent the only ways a person can keep positive energy, for instance going on a shopping spree (some people use a method called retail therapy to help them through tough situations), comfort eating (this helps to numb the pain and also acts as a short-term relief) as said to have worked wonders for some and so on.  The importance of the three callers chosen was the different ways adopted to achieve the common goal of keeping a positive energy.