I have tried at many times to calm the monster within which craves for those types of food that has been classified as being unhealthy, yet I have failed miserably.

The saying, ‘that humans always want what is bad for them’ is so true when it comes to eating habits. Give me a juicy burger, the cheese just oozing out of every corner with a side of well seasoned chips (fries) a glass of chilled coke and watch me devour every piece in no time (even wishing for a second plate). The thought of it alone has me literally drooling as an image of a nice thick juicy burger builds in my head (I can smell the mustard, the ketchup the jalapenos and freshly fried chips).

The risk of Cholesterol is something that has been ingrained in our minds and the threat and causes of heart disease is well known to most people. Healthy living is being preached on every available medium to children and parents alike and the advantages and disadvantages of junk eating well known. I remember growing up and hiding certain food items from my mum because I knew what here reaction would be, so I would hide in a corner eating the items. Then it would be lunch or dinner and I would have no appetite because I was stuffed full on Junk.

This is a habit I carried into my adulthood which has affected my eating pattern. Still I cannot seem to help myself from falling into temptation and given in to the sweet cravings of Junk eating. With every bite I take, I am well aware of its implications and its potential side effects.

At the beginning of 2017, I made a vow to reduce the amount of junk food I consumed (I knew it was impossible to completely stop eating them) from four – five times a week to once a week. This is a vow I have struggled with and even at many times broken. I try to imbibe the habit of healthy eating because of its benefits but I just cant stay away for too long from the seductive calls of junk eating. I feel like an addict feening for my fix once I go over two days without having some Junk food, whether it be a meal, dessert or a snack). I know that each time I give in and indulge in my desires, makes it much harder for me the next time but the monster within just wouldn’t let up.